You can be fined for running out of gas

Running out of gas (or diesel) is a situation that happens more often than we think. A simple oversight or poor planning can lead us to exhaust our autonomy and thus literally find ourselves stranded in the least expected place. We are therefore talking about a serious problem, as running out of gas can lead to a dangerous situation if it occurs in the least opportune place. For this reason, you should be aware of the breakdowns and fines you face for running out of gas.

Fine for running out of gas

The first point to keep in mind is that the law does not penalize running out of gas as such. That is to say, running out of gas is not subject to a fine, but its consequences can be. Running out of gas in the middle of a road will force us to urgently look for a place to park the vehicle, and it is just this situation that is subject to a fine of 200 euros for parking in an inappropriate place and another 200 euros if the maneuver poses a risk to other drivers.

We must bear in mind that the problem of running out of fuel, whether gasoline, diesel or gas, causes us to lose control over our car since this situation forces us to stop immediately, wherever and however. In addition, the lack of fuel causes the engine to shut down, which makes the parking maneuver very risky as auxiliary elements such as the steering assistance or the brake servo are disconnected. If we are lucky and we run out of fuel in a place where we can stop without disturbing other vehicles, there will be no further problem, but as a general rule these situations occur on secondary roads and interurban roads.

Beware of refueling gasoline or diesel in any container, the fine can be up to 3,000 euros if we do not use an approved cylinder.

We must also consider a no less important problem, and that is that moving our car once it has run out of gasoline can entail a high cost. On the one hand, if we resort to the roadside assistance of our insurance we may find that running out of gas is not covered, which will lead us to scenario two, where we will have to go to the nearest gas station to purchase fuel in an approved container for this purpose. For the transport of gasoline and diesel we are obliged to use approved containers, using any other type of container can lead to a fine of up to 3,000 euros.

Breakdowns due to running out of fuel

But what if the car does not start after refueling a few liters of fuel? In this case your next destination will be the garage. Most modern cars, especially those with diesel engines, use fuel systems in which a lack of fuel is a serious problem. We are not talking about a breakdown as such because we will not have broken anything, however the emptying of the fuel circuit causes the entry of air and the pressure drop in it. In this situation the injection system is not able to restore the minimum pressure to start the vehicle, which will cause numerous failed starting attempts and a more than likely depletion of the starter battery.

It is not advisable to try to start an engine that has run out of fuel too many times, as this will drain the battery and overheat the starter motor.

In the case of gasoline engines there are usually no problems and after forcing the starter to start several times the engine wakes up. The same happens with most of the old diesel engines, engines that after several attempts manage to precharge the power supply circuit. Our recommendation is that it is advisable not to force start the vehicle, because if it does not start we can overheat the starter motor and drain the battery, so the visit to the workshop will add new reasons and thus increase the final amount of the bill.

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