How to see on Google Maps the state of traffic, blocked roads and radars

Little by little Google Maps is expanding its functionalities to become a more complete navigation service. After having recently released a cleaner interface, showing speed limits, a new voice or including train and subway networks, it now allows us a new utility.

The popular Google service now also allows us to know in advance if there are traffic jams or accidents on our route, and we will explain how to activate it.

Traffic, blocked roads and radars at a glance on Google Maps

Thanks to the information it collects from users, Google Maps can serve as an important tool (private or professional) that goes beyond a simple guide to the destination.

Google Maps can tell us the state of traffic, the presence of accidents on our route and, based on this, offer alternatives to reduce travel time. However, if we want to know the traffic conditions before getting into the car, we can also do it.

To achieve this we only have to access the options of the Maps layers even before starting the route or without being in driving mode. In the menu that appears we only have to go to the “Map details” section and select the traffic one. Thus, immediately, we will have the state of the streets and roads in color.

The visual code shown is distributed as follows: roads with traffic jams are represented by the color red, orange is used to reflect slow traffic and green for fluid circulation.

In addition, once a route is entered, Google Maps can also provide additional and more detailed information with the inclusion of roads that are closed to traffic, even temporarily. These streets or roads are reflected in red with a dashed line and a forbidden sign.

They represent streets that are closed due to road works or any other reason, and we will also have specific warnings available such as closed lanes. We will be able to interact with them indicating if when passing through there is still cut or is already open to traffic.

In addition, Google Maps also offers the possibility of checking at a quick glance the radars that we can find before leaving. To do this, you have to enter a route or be already in Navigation mode. In the preview of the route will be overprinted speed cameras that we can find.

The radars will be reflected by orange pictograms with the symbol of a camera to represent the fixed radars. If there is notification of mobile radars by the users of the application, these will be reflected with the same icon in blue.

Now, if what we want is that Maps warns us of the radars acoustically we will have to activate it. Within the Navigation mode we will access the settings section to find the option “Play audio warnings”. With this simple gesture, the application will signal us acoustically the presence of a nearby radar.

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