Why is the DMV closed on Friday 23rd in Mass?

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  1. MA RMV Now Accepting Walk-Ins
  2. Contacting the Massachusetts RMV: Quick Guide
    1. Massachusetts DMV: Essential for Drivers

MA RMV Now Accepting Walk-Ins

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA RMV) is now accepting walk-ins for certain services. This means that individuals can visit their local RMV office without an appointment and receive assistance with various transactions and inquiries.

Some of the services that are currently available for walk-ins include:
1. Driver's license and ID card renewals
2. Vehicle registration renewals
3. Duplicate license and ID card requests
4. Title transfers and vehicle inspections
5. Change of address updates
6. Disability placard applications

It is important to note that not all services are eligible for walk-ins, and some transactions may still require an appointment. Additionally, due to COVID-19 safety measures, there may be capacity restrictions and social distancing protocols in place at RMV offices.

For more information on the specific services available for walk-ins and any other requirements, individuals are encouraged to visit the official MA RMV website or contact their local RMV office.

Please note that the information provided is subject to change, and it is always recommended to check the latest updates from the MA RMV before visiting an office.

Contacting the Massachusetts RMV: Quick Guide

Contacting the Massachusetts RMV: Quick Guide

1. Phone: You can reach the Massachusetts RMV by phone at 1-800-858-3926. This number can be used for general inquiries, scheduling appointments, and obtaining information about various RMV services.

2. Online: The Massachusetts RMV website provides a variety of online services. You can access forms, make appointments, renew licenses, and perform other transactions through their online portal. Visit their website at www.mass.gov/rmv for more information.

3. Email: The Massachusetts RMV also offers an email service for inquiries and general information. You can send your questions or concerns to their email address: rmvquestions@dot.state.ma.us.

4. Mail: If you prefer to communicate through traditional mail, you can send your correspondence to the following address:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889

5. Social Media: The Massachusetts RMV is active on various social media platforms. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, announcements, and helpful tips.

Remember to provide accurate and detailed information when contacting the Massachusetts RMV to ensure a prompt and effective response.

Massachusetts DMV: Essential for Drivers

The Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is an essential resource for drivers in the state. Whether you are a new driver looking to obtain your first license or a seasoned driver needing to renew your registration, the Massachusetts DMV is the place to go.

Services provided by the Massachusetts DMV include:
1. Driver's License: The DMV issues driver's licenses to eligible individuals who have passed the required exams and meet the necessary criteria.
2. Vehicle Registration: All vehicles in Massachusetts must be registered with the DMV. This includes obtaining license plates and renewing registration annually.
3. Vehicle Titling: If you buy or sell a vehicle in Massachusetts, you must transfer the title through the DMV to ensure proper ownership documentation.
4. Vehicle Inspections: The DMV oversees vehicle inspections to ensure that vehicles meet safety and emissions standards.
5. Driver Education: The DMV provides resources and information for new drivers, including driver education programs and practice exams.
6. Traffic Violations: The DMV handles traffic violations, including issuing citations, processing payments, and managing driving records.

It is important to note that many DMV services can be completed online through the Massachusetts DMV website. This offers convenience and efficiency for drivers, allowing them to handle their motor vehicle-related needs from the comfort of their own homes.

For more information, visit the official Massachusetts DMV website.

The DMV in Massachusetts is closed on Friday, the 23rd because it is a recognized holiday. Please plan accordingly and visit the DMV on a different day. Have a great day!

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