What do you bring to DMV to get a Real ID?

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  1. NJ's REAL ID: Unveiling the 6 Key Points
  2. NC REAL ID: Cost Breakdown
    1. New York ID: 6 Key Points to Know

NJ's REAL ID: Unveiling the 6 Key Points

1. What is NJ's REAL ID?
NJ's REAL ID is a program implemented by the state of New Jersey to comply with the federal REAL ID Act. This Act was passed by Congress in 2005 to establish minimum security standards for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards.

2. Why is NJ implementing REAL ID?
New Jersey is implementing REAL ID to enhance the security and integrity of state-issued identification documents. It aims to prevent identity theft and ensure that individuals presenting these IDs are who they claim to be.

3. What are the key features of NJ's REAL ID?
- Enhanced documentation requirements: To obtain a REAL ID, individuals must provide specific documents, such as proof of identity, Social Security number, and New Jersey residency.
- Secure issuance process: REAL IDs will be issued through a secure process that includes verification of the applicant's identity and residency.
- Tamper-resistant features: REAL IDs will have enhanced security features, such as holograms, barcodes, and digital watermarks, to prevent counterfeiting.
- Federal compliance: NJ's REAL ID program will ensure compliance with the federal REAL ID Act, allowing individuals to use their IDs for certain federal purposes, such as boarding domestic flights and entering federal facilities.
- Voluntary participation: Obtaining a REAL ID is voluntary in New Jersey. Individuals can choose to obtain a standard driver's license or identification card instead.
- Extended validity: REAL IDs in New Jersey will have a validity of up to eight years, providing convenience for individuals.

4. When will NJ's REAL ID be available?
NJ's REAL ID became available to the public on May 3, 2023. Individuals can now apply for a REAL ID when renewing or obtaining a driver's license or identification card.

5. How can individuals apply for NJ's REAL ID?
To apply for NJ's REAL ID, individuals must visit a motor vehicle agency in person. They need to bring specific documents to prove their identity, Social Security number, and New Jersey residency. The exact list of required documents can be found on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's website.

6. What happens if individuals do not obtain a REAL ID?
If individuals do not obtain a REAL ID, their standard New Jersey driver's license or identification card will still be valid for driving and non-federal identification purposes. However, they will not be able to use their standard IDs for certain federal purposes, such as boarding domestic flights or entering federal facilities, without additional forms of identification required by the federal government.

NC REAL ID: Cost Breakdown

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New York ID: 6 Key Points to Know

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To obtain a Real ID at the DMV, make sure to bring the following documents: proof of identity (such as a valid passport or birth certificate), proof of Social Security number, two proofs of residency (such as utility bills or bank statements), and any legal name change documents if applicable. Additionally, be sure to check your state's specific requirements beforehand. Good luck with your application!

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