How to stop FL from selling my DMV info

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  1. Florida DMV Sells Driver Information
  2. Florida DMV Records: Public or Private?
    1. Informing Florida DMV of Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Florida DMV Sells Driver Information

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sells driver information to authorized entities. This practice allows certain organizations to access and obtain personal data of drivers in Florida. The information that is sold includes but is not limited to names, addresses, driver's license numbers, and vehicle registration details.

It is important to note that the sale of driver information is regulated by Florida law and is only available to authorized entities with a legitimate purpose. These entities may include insurance companies, government agencies, and certain businesses conducting research or marketing activities.

The sale of driver information by the Florida DMV is intended to provide convenience and accessibility to authorized entities that require this data for various purposes. However, it is crucial for drivers to be aware of their rights and privacy protections.

If you have concerns about the sale of your driver information, it is recommended to contact the Florida DMV directly for more information or to inquire about any opt-out options that may be available.

Florida DMV Records: Public or Private?

Florida DMV Records are considered public records. This means that they are generally available to the public for viewing and accessing. However, certain personal information, such as Social Security numbers and medical records, may be protected and not disclosed to the public.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is responsible for maintaining these records. They include information about driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, traffic violations, and other related data.

While the records are public, there are restrictions on how they can be used. For example, individuals cannot use the records for commercial purposes, such as marketing or solicitation. Additionally, accessing someone else's records without proper authorization is illegal and can result in penalties.

To access Florida DMV Records, individuals can visit the DHSMV website or submit a public records request. Some information may be available online, while other requests may require visiting a local DMV office or submitting a written request.

It's important to note that the availability of specific information may vary depending on the circumstances and applicable laws. It's always advisable to check with the DHSMV or seek legal advice for any specific inquiries regarding Florida DMV Records.

Informing Florida DMV of Vehicle Ownership Transfer

To inform the Florida DMV of a vehicle ownership transfer, you need to follow a few steps:

1. Obtain the necessary documents: You will need the vehicle's title certificate, the bill of sale, and the completed Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration (Form HSMV 82040).

2. Complete the title transfer section: On the back of the vehicle's title certificate, fill out the transfer section with the buyer's information. Make sure both the buyer and seller sign and date the transfer.

3. Fill out the Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration: Provide all required information on the form, including the buyer's name, address, and driver's license number. Make sure to sign and date the form.

4. Submit the documents to the DMV: Take the completed Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration, the title certificate, and the bill of sale to your local Florida DMV office. Be prepared to pay any applicable fees, such as title transfer fees and sales tax.

5. Obtain a new title certificate: Once the DMV processes your documents, they will issue a new title certificate in the buyer's name. The buyer will receive the updated certificate by mail.

Remember to inform the Florida DMV within 30 days of the ownership transfer to avoid any potential penalties or complications.

To prevent FL from selling your DMV info, you can opt-out of data sharing by visiting the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. Look for the privacy section or contact their customer service for assistance. Good luck in safeguarding your personal information!

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