Where to register out-of-state car, Jasper, SC DMV.

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  1. Registering Out-of-State Car in SC
  2. Car Registration Fees in South Carolina
    1. Expired SC registration: Is there a grace period?

Registering Out-of-State Car in SC

Registering an out-of-state car in South Carolina (SC) requires following certain procedures. Here are the steps to register an out-of-state car in SC:

1. Obtain a South Carolina driver's license: Before registering your out-of-state car, you must have a valid SC driver's license. Visit the nearest SC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to apply for a driver's license.

2. Get car insurance: Obtain auto insurance from an SC-licensed insurance company. You will need proof of insurance when registering your out-of-state car.

3. Complete the Application for Certificate of Title and Registration (Form 400): Fill out this form, which is available on the SC DMV website or at an SC DMV office. Provide accurate information about yourself, the vehicle, and its previous registration.

4. Provide proof of ownership: Submit the original out-of-state title or the current registration certificate from the previous state. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you will need to provide the lienholder's information.

5. Pay the registration fee: Calculate the registration fee based on the vehicle's weight, type, and model year. Fees can be paid in cash, check, or by credit card at the SC DMV office.

6. Pass an emissions test, if applicable: Some out-of-state vehicles may be required to pass an emissions test before registration. Check with the SC DMV to determine if your vehicle needs an emissions test.

7. Get a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection: Schedule an appointment with the local law enforcement agency to have your out-of-state vehicle's VIN verified. Take the completed Form TI-021A (Vehicle Identification Number Inspection) with you.

8. Submit all documents: Bring all the necessary documents, including the completed application form, proof of insurance, proof of ownership, VIN inspection form, and payment for the registration fee to an SC DMV office.

9. Obtain license plates and registration: Once all the documents are submitted and the registration fee is paid, the SC DMV will issue you with license plates and a registration card for your out-of-state car.

Remember to comply with all the requirements and deadlines set by the SC DMV to avoid penalties or delays in registering your out-of-state car.

Car Registration Fees in South Carolina

Car registration fees in South Carolina vary depending on several factors. These factors include the type of vehicle, its weight, and the registration period. Here is an overview of the car registration fees in South Carolina:

1. Passenger Vehicles:
- Registration fee: $24
- Plate fee: $11
- Infrastructure maintenance fee: $16
- Total fee for a 2-year registration: $51

2. Motorcycles:
- Registration fee: $10
- Plate fee: $10
- Infrastructure maintenance fee: $16
- Total fee for a 2-year registration: $36

3. Trucks and Commercial Vehicles:
- Registration fee: Based on weight and type of vehicle. Ranges from $24 to $800.
- Plate fee: $11
- Infrastructure maintenance fee: $16
- Total fee varies depending on the weight and type of vehicle.

4. Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Vehicles:
- Additional fee for EVs: $120
- Additional fee for Hybrids: $60

It's important to note that these fees are subject to change and additional fees may apply depending on specific circumstances. For more detailed and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the official website of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Expired SC registration: Is there a grace period?

Expired SC registration does not typically have a grace period. Once a registration has expired, it is considered invalid, and the vehicle may be subject to penalties or fines if driven on public roads. It is important to renew the registration before it expires to avoid any legal consequences.

To register an out-of-state car in Jasper, SC, you should visit the local DMV office. They will provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the registration process. Make sure to bring all required documents, such as proof of ownership, insurance, and identification. Good luck with your registration! Farewell!

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