How much does an Arizona driver's license cost at a 3rd-party helping DMV?

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  1. AZ Driver's License Cost: Revealed!
  2. AZ Travel IDs Available at 3rd Party DMVs
    1. Arizona DMV Accepts Cash for Transactions

AZ Driver's License Cost: Revealed!

The cost of obtaining an AZ driver's license in Ontario, Canada has been revealed. Here are the details:

1. Application Fee: The initial application fee for an AZ driver's license is $158.25. This fee covers the cost of processing your application.

2. Written Test Fee: Before obtaining your AZ license, you need to pass a written test. The fee for this test is $23.25.

3. Road Test Fee: Once you pass the written test, you need to take a road test to demonstrate your driving skills. The fee for the road test is $85.25.

4. License Fee: If you pass the road test and are granted an AZ license, you will need to pay a license fee of $103.00. This fee is for the actual license card.

5. Medical Examination Fee: Before applying for an AZ license, you need to undergo a medical examination to ensure you are fit to drive. The cost of this examination varies depending on the healthcare provider.

Please note that these fees are subject to change, and additional fees may apply for various reasons such as license renewals or upgrades. It is always recommended to check the official website of the licensing authority for the most up-to-date information.

Remember to bring the necessary documents and identification when applying for an AZ driver's license!

AZ Travel IDs Available at 3rd Party DMVs

AZ Travel IDs are identification documents that comply with the federal REAL ID Act and are available for issuance at 3rd party DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles) in Arizona. These IDs are essential for individuals who need to fly domestically or access federal facilities.

Features of AZ Travel IDs:
1. Compliance with the REAL ID Act: AZ Travel IDs meet the requirements set by the REAL ID Act, ensuring that individuals can use them as valid identification for domestic air travel and access to federal facilities.
2. Secure and reliable: These IDs are designed with advanced security features to prevent fraud and ensure the authenticity of the document.
3. Accepted for domestic travel: AZ Travel IDs can be used as an alternative to a passport for domestic flights within the United States.
4. Convenient issuance at 3rd party DMVs: Individuals can obtain their AZ Travel ID at designated 3rd party DMVs across Arizona, making the process more accessible and efficient.

How to obtain an AZ Travel ID:
1. Gather required documents: To apply for an AZ Travel ID, individuals need to provide specific documents that establish proof of identity, legal presence, Social Security number, and Arizona residency.
2. Visit a 3rd party DMV: Locate a participating 3rd party DMV and bring all the required documents for verification.
3. Complete the application: Fill out the necessary forms provided by the DMV, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
4. Pay the fee: There is a fee associated with obtaining an AZ Travel ID, which can be paid at the DMV at the time of application.
5. Photo and signature: Have your photo taken and provide a signature for the ID card.
6. Wait for processing: The DMV will process your application and, if approved, issue your AZ Travel ID.

Benefits of AZ Travel IDs:
1. Convenience: Having an AZ Travel ID saves individuals from the need to carry a passport for domestic flights or access to federal facilities.
2. Compliance: AZ Travel IDs ensure compliance with the REAL ID Act, allowing individuals to navigate through security checkpoints smoothly.
3. Peace of mind: Possessing a secure and trusted form of identification provides peace of mind when traveling within the United States.

Arizona DMV Accepts Cash for Transactions

The Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accepts cash as a form of payment for various transactions. This includes services such as driver's license renewals, vehicle registrations, and title transfers. Customers can visit their local DMV office and pay in cash for these transactions.

It is important to note that the DMV only accepts cash in-person at their offices. Online transactions and mail-in services may require alternative forms of payment such as credit or debit cards.

To ensure a smooth transaction, customers should bring the exact amount of cash needed for their specific service. The DMV office may not be able to provide change for larger bills.

Cash payments at the Arizona DMV help to provide a convenient option for those who prefer to use cash or do not have access to other forms of payment. It is advisable to check the DMV website or contact the local office for specific details on cash payment options and any additional requirements.

Sure! Here's a final piece of advice for someone interested in the cost of an Arizona driver's license at a 3rd-party helping DMV:

"Before heading to a 3rd-party helping DMV to obtain an Arizona driver's license, it's important to call or visit their website to inquire about the specific costs involved. This will help you be prepared and avoid any surprises. Good luck with your license application!"


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