How many proofs of identification do you need at the DMV in TN?

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  1. Valid Residency Proofs for Tennessee DMV: 2 Documents Required
  2. Required Documents for Tennessee DMV Visit
    1. Required Identification for TN License

Valid Residency Proofs for Tennessee DMV: 2 Documents Required

To obtain a driver's license or identification card in Tennessee, you need to provide 2 documents as proof of residency. These documents must show your Tennessee address and be issued within the past 4 months. Here are some examples of acceptable residency proofs for the Tennessee DMV:

1. Utility Bill: A recent utility bill, such as electricity, water, gas, or landline phone bill, with your name and Tennessee address clearly printed on it.

2. Lease or Rental Agreement: A signed lease or rental agreement for a residence in Tennessee. It should include your name, the landlord's information, and the address of the property.

3. Bank Statement: A current bank statement issued by a Tennessee bank or credit union, displaying your name and address.

4. Mortgage Statement: A mortgage statement from a Tennessee lender showing your name, address, and the property details.

5. Pay Stub: A recent pay stub from your employer, which includes your name, address, and employer's information.

6. Vehicle Registration: A current Tennessee vehicle registration certificate with your name and address. Note that this can only be used if the vehicle is registered in your name.

7. Government Correspondence: Any official correspondence from a local, state, or federal government agency addressed to you at your Tennessee address.

Remember, you must provide at least 2 of these documents to satisfy the residency proof requirements of the Tennessee DMV. Make sure the documents are valid, recent, and clearly show your name and Tennessee address.

Required Documents for Tennessee DMV Visit

When visiting the Tennessee DMV, there are several required documents that you need to bring with you. These documents may vary depending on the purpose of your visit and the specific services you require. Here is a general list of commonly required documents:

1. Proof of identity: Bring your original or certified copy of a valid U.S. passport, birth certificate, or permanent resident card. You may also need additional documents such as a Social Security card or immigration documents.

2. Proof of Tennessee residency: Provide documents that verify your Tennessee residency, such as utility bills, lease agreements, or bank statements with your current address.

3. Proof of Social Security number: Bring your Social Security card or other official documents that display your SSN.

4. Proof of legal presence: If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide proof of your legal presence in the country, such as a valid visa or immigration documents.

5. Vehicle-related documents: If you are visiting the DMV for vehicle-related services, make sure to bring your vehicle title, registration, and proof of insurance.

6. Payment: Be prepared to pay any necessary fees for the services you require. The DMV typically accepts cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

It's important to note that this list may not be exhaustive, and additional documents may be required based on your specific circumstances. It is recommended to check the Tennessee DMV website or contact them directly to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the required documents for your visit.

Required Identification for TN License

To obtain a TN license, certain identification documents are required. The following is a list of the required identification for TN license:

1. Proof of identity: You must provide a valid, unexpired document that proves your identity. This can be a passport, a birth certificate, or a permanent resident card.

2. Proof of residency: You must provide proof of your Tennessee residency. This can be a utility bill, a lease agreement, or a bank statement with your current address.

3. Social Security number: You need to provide your Social Security number or a valid document that shows your ineligibility for a Social Security number, such as a letter from the Social Security Administration.

4. Proof of citizenship or legal presence: If you are a U.S. citizen, you can provide your birth certificate or a valid U.S. passport. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you need to provide your immigration documents, such as a visa or an employment authorization card.

5. Proof of name change (if applicable): If your name has changed, you will need to provide legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate or a court order, to prove the name change.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and additional documents may be required depending on your specific situation. It is recommended to visit the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security website for detailed information on the required identification documents for obtaining a TN license.

You typically need at least two proofs of identification at the DMV in Tennessee. It is advisable to check the official website or contact the DMV directly for the most up-to-date requirements. Good luck with your visit! Goodbye!

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