8 tips for driving in icy conditions

Cold weather brings rain and snow and ice, and all together on the road becomes a hazard. But just as it is possible to drive in fog properly, it is also possible to drive on ice without the car going off the road. Just follow a few basic tips.

1. Drive smoothly

Because sudden movements are the main enemies of ice. It will be good to slow down before reaching the frozen area and not to move the steering wheel or step on the brake or accelerator looking for the car to simply slide on the plate.

2. Use the brakes properly

Because the abrupt blows will make us slip. The most advisable thing: great delicacy with the steering wheel to maintain, at all times, the control over the car.

3. Accelerate very slowly

Because on ice the tires take longer to adhere to the road and, if you press the accelerator quickly, they will only spin on the road and you may lose control once again.

4. Use high gears

Because, as in the previous case, with low gears the wheels turn more sharply and it is easier to skid and go off the road.

5. Avoiding the skidding of other vehicles

This may seem like a safety measure when driving on icy roads, but it is not. On snowy roads, the skidding of cars that have passed a long time before you will be very likely to produce ice patches, so they are not a good option.

6. Pay more attention in some areas

Ice is not always visible, so pay attention especially in places where it is more likely to be present: shady areas, mountain passes or tunnels are more complicated than road sections with higher temperatures.

An important consideration: ice appears at 0 degrees, but, once formed, it can remain even when the thermometer rises to 3 or 4 degrees above zero.

7. Keep calm if we skid

Because it can happen, but it does not mean that we are lost. It is advisable to avoid steering wheel movements, braking or accelerations that will only aggravate the situation. If you notice that the car is slipping slightly, stay calm: it will normally regain its stability once the tires grip the road again and you will be able to regain full control of the vehicle. Ice patches don’t have to be gigantic.

8. Not reaching the speed limit

Because it’s better to go a little slower but a lot safer. The more you hurry through icy areas, the more in danger you are and the more likely you are to lose the controls.

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