New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, Lakewood, New Jersey

Here you have all the information you are looking for about New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. It is located at the following address: 1195 NJ-70 #9, Lakewood, NJ 08701, United States, in the city of New Jersey.


+1 609-292-6500


  1. Monday: 8AM to 3PM
  2. Tuesday: Closed
  3. Wednesday: 8AM to 4:30PM
  4. Thursday: 8AM to 4:30PM
  5. Friday: 8AM to 4:30PM
  6. Saturday: 8AM to 4:30PM
  7. Sunday: 8AM to 4:30PM

How to contact us
  1. Plus Code: 3R39+MX Lakewood, NJ, United States
  2. Address: 1195 NJ-70 #9, Lakewood, NJ 08701, United States Click here to see the address on Google Maps
  3. Phone: 16092926500
  4. New Jersey
  5. Lakewood


  • Steven Holby: I made an appointment, and I was inside within 5 minutes of my appointment time. Once inside, I was able to finish my registration in 20 minutes. The employees were well organized and efficient. I was very surprised at how pleasant the staff were. Nobody actually wants to go to the MVC, but it turned out very well.
  • Maurice Bell: The workers were awesome. Very disappointed that I had to wait in line for 6.5 hours. They opened another week late because they were “testing the new text message system.” No system was used as we all baked in the sun. At least they passed out cold water.
  • Bridgette Bonaparte: Surprisingly my experience @ Lakewood’s DMV was really good. Really good. I was so apprehensive on going & didn’t know what to expect but I made an appointment for a duplicate title & was able to schedule within two days. I was in & out …
  • Steve Larosiliere: When you get there they call your name and the process is simple and fast it was ok when I went …it’s a stuff time for everyone..but I was ok when I got in
  • vito pecoraro: Certainly needs work but efficient
  • Abigayle Panella: From the time I arrived I was handled with professionalism, compassion and respect. I can not THANK Sharon and staff for such a pleasant experience under a stressful situation in my circumstances. God Bless you all.
  • Glen Gall: Typically rude DMV employees that put you through a tremendous amount of stress for really silly, minor things. But… it’s done, I don’t need to go back for a long time
  • Joseph Torma: Everyone was helpful and it was a pretty efficient process. You have to wait outside to be called in. Appointment was 3 weeks out. I can’t believe people didn’t know you had to make an appointment. Anyway. They took care of all 4 of my registration items.
  • Joanie Mickelsen: Not bad distancing is a joke though ..very nice workers and fast ..all by appointment
  • Lindsay Hope: I love that you can make appointments now.. it’s so much better. I was in and out as quick as possible, probably faster then any other time I ever went. There was about 3 other people besides the workers there.
  • Christina Desantis: Very organized. I was surprised. The people were very helpful and friendly.
  • Dayna Kleschinsky: Probably the best dmv I’ve experienced. Everyone from the officers out front to the agents inside were great! They keep the lines moving very smoothly. Definitely will recomend this agency to everyone I know. Come here if you need title or registration. Won’t be sorry.
  • J L: When I arrived on a Saturday morning the line stretched around two corners of the commercial building where it resides. We were all given a number and an appointment time and we gave our phone number for texting. I was seen earlier than …
  • Francis Wicinski: Well, we waited outside the DMV in Lakewood for our appointment. If you get there too early be prepared to wait in your car. There were maybe ten people with the same appointment times. We waited and were called according to their list. …
  • David Widi: Government at it best. It’s really a joke. But I did get through it.
  • Frank Kianos: Horrible experience. Renta cops get smart with the people instead of helping the people. They do not care.
  • nick farmer: They make it so hard to get anything done. Yet if I get pulled over they will want to give me a ticket.
  • Amy Martin: Visit and transaction went smoothly. Employees were very helpful and the ticketing system worked for me. Didn’t have to sit out all night. Arrived at 7:45am, got ticket number and call back time of 12pm. Went home, returned at 11:45pm, was called inside by 12pm, was back in my car by 1pm.
  • Thom Mason: After many tries of 150+ people in line, getting there at 7am for 8am opening, I FINALLY got my new title and registration. The workers were incredibly nice and helpful. Luckily i got it done, cause starting Nov 1st its by appointment only and they’re already booked until the 10th of Nov!
  • Karen Burton: Great! I was in and out very short wait time
  • Lynn: They start at 7am. I went on a Tuesday. Arrived at 7am and was #89. They take your number immediately and tell you when to come back. I left by 7:15am after giving them my cell #, with a 10am return time. I received my first text at 8am. …
  • Christopher DiBuono: Arrived at Lakewood branch shortly before 7 a.m. The line already wrapped completely around the building. Police officers on hand began handing out numbers to standees. After receiving a numbered ticket with a time written on back, you …
  • Kay D: Standing in the freezing rain waiting for appt …. no info on what to do… no one here to direct us… not sure why they just can’t be courteous and tell us how to go about waiting for appt ….there’s 50 people out here ;(
  • Matthew Wilcox: Made appointment online the night before (intially had one in a month time but people cancel appointments). Had my appointment at 11:55. Was out and had my car registered before 12:05. Fastest and probably best DMV experience I’ve had
  • Lyndsey Nagy: Went to TR for licensing and tried to register my car in Manahawkin (but they never had tickets left), this was the BEST experience of the two. Got here at 5am and was number 21. They gave out paperwork at 645 and numbers with comeback …
  • James Biringer: Really good experience 9.1.20. Stopped in the morning, picked up a number, they text you back a few hours later. Came back. Waited about ten minutes to get in. I think they did really good.
  • John Garibaldi: Very good. We arrived early and were given an appointment time. We received several texts confirming our appointment. We were in the Lakewood MVC on time and completed our title transfer in 20 minutes. Great job!
  • sarah leming: You better get there at 6am to get a ticket. And if you get one be prepared to sit and wait more. Good luck you’re going to need it…
  • D_L: Literally the best DMV experience I’ve ever had in NJ. We’re talking post pandemic too!! The officers and security there were great, the ladies inside were friendly and in a great mood! You go here, get a number, they tell you a time …
  • Isaac Laryea: The system they use to attend to client is excellent. The staff are very polite and ready to help or answer questions. Happy with their service.
  • Trudy Bermudez: This is just unreal. I can understanding waiting a bit longer then usual due to all the precautions and what not but the process they have going on in general for the DMV are beyond disguising. In one day waking up 530am getting to Toms …
  • Clarice Brown: My experience was swift and efficient. I was very pleased.
  • Arthur Gant: This location is closed due to an employee testing positive for Covid but they didnt tell anyone or post on the website. State gets a big FFFF. Another failed government run facility.
  • Crystal Edwards: This Agency has really got it together! Other Agencies should get on the same page. The Office was orderly, their getting the work done while still taking the necessary precautions just to ensure everyone’s safety. I went out of my way just …
  • Mary Karinja-McCuen: Long line but was only there 15 minutes before I got number. They were helpful. Waiting for text to come back.
  • Eddy b: The One lady that assisted me was wonderful
  • Yo Ri: Despite restrictions due to the virus, things moved along pretty smoothly. Everyone was super helpful inside and out. Bring all documents and expect to be there for 2 hours.
  • Chelsey Skidmore: They open at 8:00am, and seeing the reviews from mvc’s across the state, I decided to arrive early. At 6:15, I got in line. Security and police officers were very helpful and communicative and gave us tickets around 7:15. I was 123 in line, …
  • Rick chiarello: Posted office hours 8 am to 430pm. Arrived at 345 pm 10 /16 /2020 Door locked Employees behind counters doing nothing servicd nobody. Cop standing inside ignoring people knocking on the door. Great job Murphy – you sure did make NJ just lkke Cslifornia.
  • Selim Jani: Very good service.first you get your number and they tell you how long to wait . they called my number at the very clos time they had told me.if you have the patience to follow direction they give you and tell you when to come back to be called this is the place to go.

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

What can I do in this office?

  • Driver´s license.
  • Identification cards.
  • Registration.
  • Titling.
  • Plates.
  • CDL Written.
  • CDL Driving.
  • Make an appointment.
  • License reneval.
  • Permit test.
  • Real ID.

Photo of the exterior: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Functions of the department of motor vehicles

DMV offices have many functions. If you are a driver (or want to be one), going to one of these offices will be something you will have to do at some point in your life.

For example, one of the most popular functions is to renew your driver’s license. It’s a simple procedure, where you may be asked to take a health test to make sure you are fully fit to drive. It is also a place where people go to get their license. To do so, they will have to pass a theoretical and practical test.

In case you buy a vehicle, you will have to go to register it in your name. This procedure is also done if there is a purchase between individuals, that is, if someone sells their vehicle and you buy it, you will have to go and pay a small fee.

License plates must also be handled here. Whether it is to give you a permanent license plate or a temporary tag, you should ask for information if you buy a car or motorcycle.

In general, DMV offices are designed to handle everything that has to do with motor vehicle paperwork. There are a multitude of offices in New Jersey where you can carry out all the formalities you need. In addition, in Lakewood you can request an appointment online if necessary, as well as pay fees and other expenses without having to go anywhere.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is located throughout the United States. The people who work there will be able to answer your questions or suggestions in case you have any problems, and surely in a very short time you can have everything you need to drive safely and within the law.

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