Texas Department of Public Safety, Kingsville, Texas

Here you have all the information you are looking for about Texas Department of Public Safety. It is located at the following address: 100 W King Ave Suite 108, Kingsville, TX 78363, United States, in the city of Texas.


+1 361-592-1911


  1. Monday: 8AM to 5PM
  2. Tuesday: 8AM to 5PM
  3. Wednesday: 8AM to 5PM
  4. Thursday: 8AM to 5PM
  5. Friday: 8AM to 5PM
  6. Saturday: Closed
  7. Sunday: Closed

How to contact us
  1. Plus Code: G48J+CC Kingsville, Texas, United States
  2. Address: 100 W King Ave Suite 108, Kingsville, TX 78363, United States Click here to see the address on Google Maps
  3. Phone: 13615921911
  4. Texas
  5. Kingsville


  • Kyra Williams: Absolutely ridiculous and completely unprofessional. Didn’t take my temp or anything. Woman is very rude and makes it as hard as possible on you before they’ll do anything!😂 neverrrrrr coming back to this one.
  • Dustin Chavez: Lady’s were very rude. Had to take a driving multiple choice test after I paid 100 when I was 18 and been driving ever since…had to pay 33 dollars to take a test which I failed by 1 point..and after that I got to take a driving course test and I’m 27 now.. which I think is pretty stupid
  • Christina M Almaraz: Didn’t get down but daughter did was fast what she went for took about 10-15 min
  • Eugenio Gonzalez: Julia Flores was very very polite and very helpful and saw me thru the whole process and thank God was able to me a smooth transition and thank God, i have my new Texas Driver License.
  • Mary Lou Cantu: I had anxiety going to the DPS office in Kingsville, but I was treated very nice & they made my visit relaxing. Left feeling better & anxiety was gone. The 2 ladies were very courteous.
  • Leanna Bazan Ramos: Didn’t have an appointment but was seen quickly and it went smoothly. Just FYI they do NOT take cash at the moment. Only check card or money order.
  • aubrey garza: Thank you so much for the amazing service provided by Maria Foster. After having a terrible experience at the dps in Corpus , my dad booked an appointment in Kingsville and was blown away with how great Maria treated him. 5 stars and highly recommend!
  • Stephenie Steinbrecher: They were exceptionally quick and professional. The place was cleaned between each customer. They are very thorough in keeping us safe!
  • Selina Anguiano: Very helpful and efficient. All the staff we had contact with was great
  • Richard Butler: Staff is rude as can be. Don’t like answering any questions.
  • Samuel Dinter: Very helpful and nice.
  • Casell Singleton: Frustrating trying to pass my CDL CLASS A NEED A TUTOR ASAP FOR THE NEW 2020 TEST
  • James B: Very efficiently ran
  • Shelly Nytes: These people have No Idea what they are doing and wouldn’t Accept My Documents
  • Lorenza Medeguin: Very clean and politeness and respect.
  • baten kaitos: Calling the specific number needed for assistance is not easy. For example if you wanted to contact members of public safety in a county that you know is in the area then you always end up getting redirected to Austin and the automated system does not transfer your call to anyone if you are having issues with resolving your problem.
  • Vijayan Sundararaj: Went there for my Canadian driving license conversion to Texas DL in the afternoon. Not particularly crowded at that time. The whole process was very smooth and I was treated well. The official was helpful, patient and nice to deal with.
  • Nelson Trabal: Very clean and secure!
  • Kaya Haskin: If you live out in the country and use both physical AND mailing addresses, don’t come here! Tried to get my son’s learner’s permit today. I had everything in order including SEVERAL items proving our address. BUT because we live in one …
  • Craig Casper: Quick, safe, efficient.
  • Raven Bess: Maria did an exceptional job meeting my needs today. I was very pleased today, friendly staff who met my needs in a timely manner
  • Yumi Amorvuelve: Always busy and one of the 2 ladies is a typical public servant, but the other blonde lady is surprisingly calm and always extremely patient with all types of clients, I commend the integrity of this lady. I was one of those lousy clients …
  • Rafael Mena: Visited on 9/2/16 to have my daughter take a driving test, to our surprise we had the wrong date by a week!! The staff worked with us and squeezed us into their schedule, I was amazed by their friendliness and great spirits in placing forth …
  • Dee Lime: Fast and friendly
  • ajinkya pawar: A bit slow office but happy smiling staff!
  • Donald English: Exceptionally rude. While I was treated reasonable well, I observed one staff member in particular (red hair) bark at a young man for standing in a passageway when all the seats were occupied, snearing “You can’t block my path” A simple …
  • Pumba Morales: Nice People
  • Isa Hughes: Very rude employees. it’s unbelievable! I’ve heard they are racist as well to Latinos and Latinas asking for green cards from American citizens ! Better to go to Alice in my opinion if you can make the trip.
  • Victoria Danielle: They where extremely rude. Went to get my ID with my daughter (only a year old) & my mom who was helping me what to say or do & they kicked my mom & daughter out rudely. They talked with lots of attitude. Very unprofessional!
  • Daniella Deleon: They try their best to get you in and out
  • Erica Elaine: The worst most un-organized place Ive ever encountered
  • Peter Clarke: The worst place ever, I tried calling them for two hours on a regular work day and no one would pick up the phone, went there in person and they are rude. The state needs to clean house with this group of employees
  • Kattie Garza: The website does not help me. The number provided by this site sends me to TX DPS cust. service, and they say “call Kleberg county dps, they have your information”. I call with the number they provide me but they don’t answer the phone! …
  • Anna Garcia: They were very helpful and nice.
  • yoitstae: They’re very rude, especially the brown haired woman.
  • purva patel: 30 minutes per person. Worst employees and worst system. I wish i can give 0 stars!
  • Eric Kite: Very friendly staff
  • Isaac Perez: No greeting upon arrival. Did not tell me to get a number or notify me where the forms were. EXTREMELY SLOW. Do not recommend.
  • Yashwanth Kumar: V.v.good

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Texas Department of Public Safety

What can I do in this office?

  • Driver´s license.
  • Identification cards.
  • Registration.
  • Titling.
  • Plates.
  • CDL Written.
  • CDL Driving.
  • Make an appointment.
  • License reneval.
  • Permit test.
  • Real ID.

Photo of the exterior: Texas Department of Public Safety

Functions of the department of motor vehicles

DMV offices have many functions. If you are a driver (or want to be one), going to one of these offices will be something you will have to do at some point in your life.

For example, one of the most popular functions is to renew your driver’s license. It’s a simple procedure, where you may be asked to take a health test to make sure you are fully fit to drive. It is also a place where people go to get their license. To do so, they will have to pass a theoretical and practical test.

In case you buy a vehicle, you will have to go to register it in your name. This procedure is also done if there is a purchase between individuals, that is, if someone sells their vehicle and you buy it, you will have to go and pay a small fee.

License plates must also be handled here. Whether it is to give you a permanent license plate or a temporary tag, you should ask for information if you buy a car or motorcycle.

In general, DMV offices are designed to handle everything that has to do with motor vehicle paperwork. There are a multitude of offices in Texas where you can carry out all the formalities you need. In addition, in Kingsville you can request an appointment online if necessary, as well as pay fees and other expenses without having to go anywhere.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is located throughout the United States. The people who work there will be able to answer your questions or suggestions in case you have any problems, and surely in a very short time you can have everything you need to drive safely and within the law.

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