Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, Willimantic, Windham

Here you have all the information you are looking for about Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. It is located at the following address: 1557 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226, United States, in the city of Windham.


+1 860-263-5700


  1. Monday: Closed
  2. Tuesday: 7:45AM to 4PM
  3. Wednesday: 7:45AM to 4PM
  4. Thursday: 9:15AM to 5:30PM
  5. Friday: 7:45AM to 4PM
  6. Saturday: 8AM to 12:30PM
  7. Sunday: Closed

How to contact us
  1. Plus Code: PQ97+WP Willimantic, Windham, CT, United States
  2. Address: 1557 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226, United States Click here to see the address on Google Maps
  3. Phone: 18602635700
  4. Windham
  5. Willimantic


  • Ed Comstock: Well done considering the impact of COVID, took 50 minutes to get in and complete a used car registration. Be sure to online and make an appointment, YOU CANNOT GET IN WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!
  • Laurie Sylvia: Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Quick service also! Love the appointment slots, they should keep it after COVID.
  • Henry: Most everyone there were awesome. The person We worked with needs a better understanding of people that can not hear. She even remarked for me to sit disregarding that I just explained to her that my wife is totally deaf in one ear and 50 in the other one. Otherwise I was very impressed with the process.
  • Krystle Lackey: Rude inconsiderate wannabe cop at the door. My mother came here 2 weeks ago after the death of my father to transfer his vehicles was fine with me to help her with the paperwork, today nope can’t unless she has a disability. Umm the loss of …
  • Mauricio Gonzalez: Very organized. Short wait time. Staff answered most of my questions thoroughly. Only issue was a voter registration question. It wasn’t clear how I should answer since I was just transferring a license from NYS to CT. See the picture.
  • Jennifer Cox: DO NOT GO HERE!!! They will make your life hell! No one gets registration and they are jerks. I brought in a reassignment supplement form and forgot to print my name and the lady marked up my form!! Please do not go!
  • Marjan Hosseini: I didn’t have a bad experience even though there are bad reviews for them. Most of the staff are very kind. After pandemic since people are allowed only by appointment, things are more organized. If you are on time and bring all the …
  • Bee Stan: Had an appointment. Was quick and easy. Well organized. Best experience at DMV in a long time..
  • Ross Williams: Very friendly and helpful people that made the process painless. Was in and out in about an hour on a Wednesday afternoon with an appointment. Good social distancing protocols in place. Make sure to do some research on what documentation you need to bring – you will need a lot to transfer your license/registration from another state.
  • Lindsay Furbish: Both my partner and I have had issues with Lisa P. at this location with her being rude and unprofessional, speaking down to us, and acting annoyed whenever pertinent questions were asked regarding the appointment. If an individual is …
  • Geno Villafano: Went during pandemic times and DANG did this place have their ship running smoothly. Employees here were all super kind and respectful despite the slightly more strenuous conditions caused by covid. Distancing was well observed and all …
  • Karen Risley: The Motor Vehicles Dept in Willimsntic is top notch. During my recent visit to retrieve a duplicate title, the service was excellent and staff were friendly and helpful. Also steps being taken to ensure Covid safety made me feel extremely secure.
  • Irina Kalashnik: I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this location and I went there today. I had my appointment at 8:45 and I was at the window at 8:45 accurate. Lady was very helpful, patient and friendly as well as everyone in this DMV. It was a good experience. Thank you for doing a good job.
  • Rebecca Ann: Only DMV I’ll go to. They are not rude. They are helpful. The wait can be long at times. But worth it.
  • Chance Murdock: It’s a DMV, insert bureaucracy jokes here lol. Seriously though, making it appointment based was the best thing the CT DMV did to prevent waiting in line first thing in the morning to get processed quick. With that stated however, on there …
  • Ryan Papanos: 20 min to register a car! Appointment system is working very well.. Friendly staff great experience!
  • Mowgli: Over $300 to transfer out of state license and registration. What does all this money get you? An outdated system where you book an appointment online, wait months for said appointment, come to the appointment only to realize that you don’t …
  • Richard Danforth Jr: In and out and under 15 minutes when the people were very pleasant system works much better
  • renee rouillard: Lady at the dmv was pleasant. Unfortunately the line to be helped was long and had to wait even with making an appointment.
  • gyasi. raymond. yu: Don’t ever go to this DMV for anything, because the people that work there were so rude and nasty to my mother and i… they tried to scam us by saying that the vehicle was not “registered” and they did not provide any proof or explanation …
  • Micah MacNaughton: I had a very good experience. There was. a waiting period of about 20 minutes max. The staff that was helping me was very nice and professional. It made the transaction pleasant and quick. It helps to have all your paperwork in order. Make sure you got all you needed. The information is available online so check what you need.
  • Megan Grace: Horrible. At first they were nice enough to allow me to go back home to get the proper forms I needed. only to come back and have the instructor be obnoxiously rude to me and my family. The car we brought in for the road test has legal …
  • TRACY LYNN AZZDESIGNZ: The nurses outside, the security guards and most of the people working inside have fantastic attitudes right now. I was really nervous as far as what to expect but almost everyone working was very nice and made the trip a pleasant …
  • lyly wickham: I went there today for my 2:20pm appointment to renew my driver license. Everything went fast and smoothly and the staffs are very friendly and nice. Took less than 15 mins from the time I entered to finish😃.
  • Darlene Opocensky: The lady who assisted me was professional and quick in renewing my license.
  • Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr.: Never had a worse experience at the Willimantic DMV until this year & it’s b/c of my asthma & wearing a dam mask cuz when asked if I could take it off they said no & I was having a hard time breathing & they didn’t care useless uncaring ppl at this DMV
  • Stephan Berry: The experience was organized and efficient. Kind helpful workers as well.
  • Uncle Budda: Very efficient. In and out in 15 mins.
  • Michael Gallo: Absolutely amazing..this appointment system worked beautifully. My appointment was for 8:40 am and I was out at 8:54 am. The key is to be sure you have everything you need when you go.
  • Mark Thorstenson: Different; appointments, friendly greeting at the door by a nurse and the best was very fast service.
  • Christopher Miller: They told I needed photos of my car because the emissions system is down. So I went and got them and they wouldn’t let me back in and told me to schedule an appointment for another day.
  • Maria Jensen: Everything thing went smooth. Very short wait time. Very nice and knowledgeable employee.
  • LordUrimicus77: Still anxiety but they are some of the nicest and understanding people, and they go through customers pretty quickly
  • Daniel Britschock: Definitely prefer the other DMV’s in the state of CT this one is not the cleanest and some of the staff are rude. The other ones in the state are better and well maintained!
  • Maria Ware: Everyone was pleasant and friendly. I did not encounter any problems. Thank you!
  • Michael Therriault: Had a appointment for 12 for identification and they said I will not need one if I am going for learners permit, which i have been waiting over 2 hours for the learners permit
  • Stephen Queen: It’s by appointment only these days. Security let’s you inside if you have an appointment and service is quicker.
  • santhosh suresh: Pros: proper covid 19 protocol followed. Cons: rude employees and no help provided.
  • Patty Kenyon: Believe it or not, the employees were very nice and helpful at the Willimantic DMV!
  • Joseph Paquette: Very unhelpful and waste of time the manager was very rude

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Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

What can I do in this office?

  • Driver´s license.
  • Identification cards.
  • Registration.
  • Titling.
  • Plates.
  • CDL Written.
  • CDL Driving.
  • Make an appointment.
  • License reneval.
  • Permit test.
  • Real ID.

Photo of the exterior: Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Functions of the department of motor vehicles

DMV offices have many functions. If you are a driver (or want to be one), going to one of these offices will be something you will have to do at some point in your life.

For example, one of the most popular functions is to renew your driver’s license. It’s a simple procedure, where you may be asked to take a health test to make sure you are fully fit to drive. It is also a place where people go to get their license. To do so, they will have to pass a theoretical and practical test.

In case you buy a vehicle, you will have to go to register it in your name. This procedure is also done if there is a purchase between individuals, that is, if someone sells their vehicle and you buy it, you will have to go and pay a small fee.

License plates must also be handled here. Whether it is to give you a permanent license plate or a temporary tag, you should ask for information if you buy a car or motorcycle.

In general, DMV offices are designed to handle everything that has to do with motor vehicle paperwork. There are a multitude of offices in Windham where you can carry out all the formalities you need. In addition, in Willimantic you can request an appointment online if necessary, as well as pay fees and other expenses without having to go anywhere.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is located throughout the United States. The people who work there will be able to answer your questions or suggestions in case you have any problems, and surely in a very short time you can have everything you need to drive safely and within the law.

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