DMV Elizabethton, Elizabethton, Tennessee

Here you have all the information you are looking for about DMV Elizabethton. It is located at the following address: 1741 US, US-19E, Elizabethton, TN 37643, United States, in the city of Tennessee.


+1 423-547-5886


  1. Monday: 8:30AM to 5PM
  2. Tuesday: 8:30AM to 5PM
  3. Wednesday: 8:30AM to 5PM
  4. Thursday: 8:30AM to 5PM
  5. Friday: 8:30AM to 5PM
  6. Saturday: Closed
  7. Sunday: Closed

How to contact us
  1. Plus Code: 8QJV+VX Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States
  2. Address: 1741 US, US-19E, Elizabethton, TN 37643, United States Click here to see the address on Google Maps
  3. Phone: 14235475886
  4. Tennessee
  5. Elizabethton


  • Noah Cook: The DMV is one of the high points of my day. Between the old lady breathing in my ear and the loud conversation of the mom and boy who failed his permit test I was in heaven. Seriously though they did good.
  • B Reid: Still have to wait but very professional. A lot faster than other locations
  • Joey McDaniel: Upon arriving, an unwelcome feeling from each of the three employees I interacted with. Seems as if they are there for the sole purpose of an income and unfortunately discarding any emotion when communicating with paying customers. …
  • Mary Denton: This is the best DMV around. Much nicer than Blountville location. Thank you for all your help!
  • Bob Steele: The folks are helpful and friendly. And best of all, you don’t have to wait very long!
  • Joshua Sanchez: Parking is a bit small and being connected to other state businesses, you would imagine it being a bit bigger. The workers are very friendly and help out very efficiently. Not bad on waiting times and super helpful on general guidance. They …
  • Alicia Strevel: I have had 3 experiences with the Elizabethton DMV & all have been positive! The employees here are nice, knowledgeable, helpful & patient. If all of the DMVs worked as well as this one they could crush their bad reputation. The new facility is spacious and clean. Great job Elizabethton DMV – you ROCK!
  • Angela marie hearl: It was fast and friendly people very helpful we even got a few good laughs in so good job.
  • Jay Man: Must have correct paper work but quick and nice dmv
  • David Brewer: I got in and out pretty fast.
  • Laura W.: Both times they were quick & efficient, friendly, helpful & accommodating. (They allowed for her head covering for medical reasons [severe alopecia].)
  • Levi Evans: Lady was very helpful got my license back after so long
  • P Business: They are very respectful and effective and patient. I went to get the Real ID for myself and my 3 kids and they were very nice to the kids and when my ID came it didn’t have the gold star , i call them and then without hesitation they asked …
  • Brandon Stalcup: The new building is much nicer and the setup is so much better. Its also easier to get things done with the new building including much more space. Plus less waiting than the old one.
  • Brian TAnner: In and out quick. Staff was thorough but personable.
  • Demitrius Turner: Clean building, fast & friendly service…There was about 15 people ahead of me & within 30 minutes of them being open I was already done & out the door
  • Kenneth Crumley: Oh it’s such a glorious place filled with all kinds of really nice people I enjoyed my time there immensely everybody should give it a go the chaos was broke it’s a tag office
  • Sara Romaneck: I couldn’t get a new Tennessee license from out of state in one day but it wasn’t their fault. They were very safe with mask requirements and temperature scans with short wait times
  • TKG Creations: Always friendly and get you through as quickly as possible.
  • Melissa Taylor: Great, very professional in and out
  • Todd Bob: The lady who answered the phone at 1030 am on Feb 2nd 2021 needs to learn how to have patience I called she answered I said hello she said hello twice before I could say hello again and hung up she didn’t even give me a chance she was so quick absolutely rude
  • Christy Byrd: Arrived half an hour early for an appointment, had to wait in line on the sidewalk in the sun with a mask on. They do not sort anyone by type of need, so you have to wait in the line no matter what. Total time from start to finish was over two hours. I can only imagine how difficult this is for the elderly and handicapped.
  • Melissa Tipton: Speedy friendly service
  • Vivienne LaRue: Great , friendly, quick and efficient, thank you !
  • Jessica Brickey: Wow! I live about 40 minutes from this DMV location, but chose to come here for a sooner appointment. EVERYONE who worked there was so pleasant!! A far cry from the location in Blountville. Definitely worth the drive to be able to experience polite people!! They even smiled at us!!!
  • Margaret Humphreys: Considering everything that is going on, they were very fast, and very consistent about everyone there.
  • John Bollinger: It was great not a long line this time
  • Sylvia Richendollar: After a trip back home to obtain a certified copy to prove my last name change everything went smoothly without a long wait
  • wendy ely: Totally awesome!!!!!!! Wonderful people, don’t have to wait! Great experience!
  • Eric Rogers: It’s the DMV. But it was quick this time around.
  • Carl Counts: Great service!!
  • Ben Bishop: The new dmv rocks logan she is awsome great help
  • Benjamin Thomas: The employees were courteous, helpful and about their business!!!
  • Lisa Martin: Employees are very rude and more worried about talking amongst theirselves.
  • kevin buchanan: Another faster than DMV in Johnson city
  • Katy Blevins: Love the employees
  • Jessica Miller: Daniel will not let you retake a picture. Obviously, face masks do leave marks and will show up in pictures. The wedsite says you can request to retake the picture. Daniel says No, it meets requirements.
  • Kristina Smith: No appointment needed. Wear a mask. Will check temp. Took about an hour for driver’s license renewal.
  • Shannon Doyle: Had to go back 3 different times and was given because they refused to accept certain documents. Even documents on the approved list.
  • Dalis Reece: Very good service, fast and friendly

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DMV Elizabethton

What can I do in this office?

  • Driver´s license.
  • Identification cards.
  • Registration.
  • Titling.
  • Plates.
  • CDL Written.
  • CDL Driving.
  • Make an appointment.
  • License reneval.
  • Permit test.
  • Real ID.

Photo of the exterior: DMV Elizabethton

Functions of the department of motor vehicles

DMV offices have many functions. If you are a driver (or want to be one), going to one of these offices will be something you will have to do at some point in your life.

For example, one of the most popular functions is to renew your driver’s license. It’s a simple procedure, where you may be asked to take a health test to make sure you are fully fit to drive. It is also a place where people go to get their license. To do so, they will have to pass a theoretical and practical test.

In case you buy a vehicle, you will have to go to register it in your name. This procedure is also done if there is a purchase between individuals, that is, if someone sells their vehicle and you buy it, you will have to go and pay a small fee.

License plates must also be handled here. Whether it is to give you a permanent license plate or a temporary tag, you should ask for information if you buy a car or motorcycle.

In general, DMV offices are designed to handle everything that has to do with motor vehicle paperwork. There are a multitude of offices in Tennessee where you can carry out all the formalities you need. In addition, in Elizabethton you can request an appointment online if necessary, as well as pay fees and other expenses without having to go anywhere.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is located throughout the United States. The people who work there will be able to answer your questions or suggestions in case you have any problems, and surely in a very short time you can have everything you need to drive safely and within the law.

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