Drivers License Office, Lincolnton, North Carolina

Here you have all the information you are looking for about Drivers License Office. It is located at the following address: 1450 N Aspen St, Lincolnton, NC 28092, United States, in the city of North Carolina.


+1 704-735-6923


  1. Monday: Closed
  2. Tuesday: 8AM to 5PM
  3. Wednesday: 8AM to 5PM
  4. Thursday: 8AM to 5PM
  5. Friday: 8AM to 5PM
  6. Saturday: 8AM to 5PM
  7. Sunday: Closed

How to contact us
  1. Plus Code: FQR2+37 Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States
  2. Address: 1450 N Aspen St, Lincolnton, NC 28092, United States Click here to see the address on Google Maps
  3. Phone: 17047356923
  4. North Carolina
  5. Lincolnton


  • RyanMCAST: Easy in and out, very understanding and respectful staff. Took me 20 minutes for a renewal super easy!
  • Amanda Pullen: Took my daughter to get her license and all they are doing is permits. She said it doesn’t say anything on the website that they are only doing permits.
  • Lily Griffin: The nicest staff I’ve ever had at a DMV office would 100% recommend 🙂
  • Stefan Bredin: Quick in and out, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT DUE TO COVID
  • RJ Goudy: This staff is BY FAR the WORST I have encountered since being a tax paying citizen. The lady that works here so disrespectful and unpersonable that it is ridiculous! Definitely filing a complaint ASAP
  • Vvickedone: Slow bad attatude , guy at front check in desk never at desk “on break or away”
  • Russ Runkles: On blessing from COVID is the office is appoinment only and we were in and out in 15 mins on driver license renewal…
  • Lyndsay Dellinger: Absolutely horrible customer service. The people working here have NO PERSONALITY, and don’t know how to answer the desk. After returning the lady working (just like the elderly man) also had NO PERSONALITY, if you’re going to work for the government, maybe take some lessons on how to be a decent human being!
  • S P: I went to the Lincolnton DMV yesterday, hoping to receive my drivers licenses. My grandpa took me because he was down as my trusted supervising driver who also took me to get my permit. Not to mention I live with him. I handed the man all …
  • Dayne Homesley: Absolutely worst dmv in the state of North Carolina
  • Audrey Brittain: This place sucks. If you have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to find a new DMV, you should because these people suck and they’re very rude. same people in their treat you like they already hate you and they’re so rude and unhelpful. Do not go here and they suck. 🙂
  • Angel Horne: This office has the rudest lady working for them .I have been there twice for the same issue and she has been so rude when I try to be as polite as possible. Someone should really look into these employees.
  • Anon Anon: Made an appointment for 9:30 for my husband and 10:00 for me on Friday to get our Real I.D. Arrived at 9:10 and we were both processed and out the door by 9:40. Very efficient and friendly staff. It helped that there were only …
  • Naim Brewer: decently quick and kind people
  • sandra vickers: Every time I have been there, they’re very rude and unprofessional, They also never answer their phone, they just let it ring, I’ve witnessed it when I’m there, and right now I’m trying to call been trying for an hour and they just let the ring. And just now someone picked it up and hung up!
  • Andy Arce: Very rude customer service. People working here should not be required to work with customers. Always thought people on here were probly over reacting but NO they were right!
  • Jay Hopper: Workers are very rude. Should not work with the public if you’re not going to be polite and respectful.
  • Emily Love: On hold for 2 hour to schedule an appointment and they won’t even pick up the phone
  • Julie Turner: Although we were not able to complete our transaction the clerk was very patient and tried to help my 90 year old mom. Thank you
  • zachary nichols: Everyone there has a terrible attitude and sre very unwilling to help with any issues you may have.
  • Martkos Antonius: Do you guys answer your phone? I’ve had to drive 10 miles in 10 miles out to get answers to my questions. Each time I was there the place was empty. Surely there is enough time to answer the phone. What’s the deal!?
  • D S: Very nice staff and was very quick with an appointment.
  • Cain Leonard: They do not answer their phone.
  • Tabitha Queen: It’s terrible people have had such bad experiences with this location. I fortunately have had very good customer service here when I’ve had to use this driver license office.
  • Ed Nesler: Service was great!
  • April Nunn: With one examiner talking about hand sanitizer, her mom’s eyelids and living in Baltimore, another talking about taking an engine apart this place moves at speed of slow. Why do we pay taxes to support this kind of service? Starting hour three now…
  • Jeffrey Standley: Nice people doing best they can under the sercumstans
  • Zachary Clary: One of the friendliest! Oddly, it was a pleasure.
  • David Phillips: Very rude staff refuse to answer phones ask for help and they act like it’s so awful to help people I really can’t stand going to this place never had a good experience
  • Jeries Armaly: Awful, just awful. Wish I could leave 0 stars
  • Bryan Plourde: Went better than expected
  • D Vrla: Tuesday of this week I spent no more than 25 minutes total from arrival, checking in, renew license (to the new ID), paid, got temporary license and back in car to leave! And, they were so nice! Very pleasant and accommodating!
  • Zachary Jaap: Rude staff who won’t even acknowledge you when you are sitting right in front of them. I was being pokite and friendly and the lady still was just short and rude to me. Definitely going to Newton next time.
  • Chuck Freeman: I needed to get my license renewed and went to this location and had no issues at all the staff was courteous and professional and vary helpful the wait was a little long but nothing to complain about compared to to other locations around the area all in all a vary good experience.
  • Jennifer Harris: Quick and courteous!
  • MyLucky2008: Very Professional and time conscious service
  • Mason Hackett: Quick, fast and easy.
  • Sherl & Michael Peak: Very nice people!
  • Mark Thomas: Needed 2nd form of address verification. Brought in the next day and 1 officer said that wont work and the other said I’ve been taking these all week. Looked at “their” handout and what I had was more than sufficient. Get on the same page guys.

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Drivers License Office

What can I do in this office?

  • Driver´s license.
  • Identification cards.
  • Registration.
  • Titling.
  • Plates.
  • CDL Written.
  • CDL Driving.
  • Make an appointment.
  • License reneval.
  • Permit test.
  • Real ID.

Photo of the exterior: Drivers License Office

Functions of the department of motor vehicles

DMV offices have many functions. If you are a driver (or want to be one), going to one of these offices will be something you will have to do at some point in your life.

For example, one of the most popular functions is to renew your driver’s license. It’s a simple procedure, where you may be asked to take a health test to make sure you are fully fit to drive. It is also a place where people go to get their license. To do so, they will have to pass a theoretical and practical test.

In case you buy a vehicle, you will have to go to register it in your name. This procedure is also done if there is a purchase between individuals, that is, if someone sells their vehicle and you buy it, you will have to go and pay a small fee.

License plates must also be handled here. Whether it is to give you a permanent license plate or a temporary tag, you should ask for information if you buy a car or motorcycle.

In general, DMV offices are designed to handle everything that has to do with motor vehicle paperwork. There are a multitude of offices in North Carolina where you can carry out all the formalities you need. In addition, in Lincolnton you can request an appointment online if necessary, as well as pay fees and other expenses without having to go anywhere.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is located throughout the United States. The people who work there will be able to answer your questions or suggestions in case you have any problems, and surely in a very short time you can have everything you need to drive safely and within the law.

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